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Basic Information

Opened June 30, 2018

Opened June 30, 2018 and now because all players prefer pre renewal so we try to open beta 1 des 2018 if this succes so we are stay at pre renewal. thanks.

Eps 14.1 BIFROST

Woe Investment

No Item Mall [Semi Mid Rate Server, Farm!]
Customized Tool Dealer [Farm!]
No Gold Room, MVP Room, For F*Ck Sake, This Is Semi Mid Rate Server!

Commands: rates, mi, iteminfo, help, request, whodrops, autoloot, alootid,etc

or you can type @commands to know more info.

NPCs :

Last Man Standing
Finding Mushroom
Hat Maker
Customized Tool Dealer [This Is Semi Mid Rate Server, Not Item Mall, Farm!]
Prontera Mission [ Gaining Exp Faster]
Ticket Refiner
Skill Resetter
Platinum Skill
Daily Reward
Card Remover

Official Server Features:

  • Base & Job: 150x
  • Quest: 25x
  • Item Drop: Custom
  • MVP: Custom
  • MVP Card: Disabled
  • Boss Card : 0.01%
  • Max Level: 99/70
  • Max ASPD: 190

Custom Server Features

  • Achievements and Titles
  • Max Party Share Limit: 15 Base Levels
  • Customized Tool Dealer
  • WoE, PvP, CvC, etc
  • Daily Log In Rewards
  • PAYON Vending Map
  • Automated Events
  • Renewal Drop penalty removed