Update 27 Juni 2020

by Mr. President on 2020-06-27

Update 27 June 2020

  • add commands @skillall
  • Fixed pvp ladder error
  • instance area
  • job 3 pre renewal
  • VIP EXP 350% bonus rate
  • max member party up to 76 players
  • max guild member back to official
  • multi level up
  • rasengan sound effect (Killing strike)
  • auto talk npc
  • Mini Boss cards are not sold NPCs, are replaced in cash shops gradually
    • ** Mini Boss Card Exclude Ghostring-Angeling-Deviling-Maya Purple (disabled)
  • Costume NPC removed, changed to free costume from monthly box exchange


Schedule of gather RO

by Mr. President on 2020-06-06


  • SENIN - CVC / PVP EVENT @09.00 pm (Server Time GMT +7)
  • SELASA - Free EVENT (As long GM online)
  • RABU - WOE FE @09.00 pm (Server Time GMT +7)
  • KAMIS - Free EVENT (As long GM online) (Server Time GMT +7)
  • JUM'AT - GOCEK LEAGUE @09.00 pm / weekly Maintenance @02.00 pm (Server Time GMT +7)
  • SABTU - WOE SE @09.00 pm (Server Time GMT +7)
  • MINGGU - K.O.E EVENT @09.00 pm (Server Time GMT +7)

    ** Note : I can online about 8 am - 1 pm and about 9 pm - 11 pm Indonesian Timezone (GMT +7)


  • MONDAY        - CVC / PVP EVENT @ 09.00 pm (Server Time GMT +7)
  • TUESDAY       - Free EVENT (As long GM online)
  • WEDNESDAY  - WOE FE @ 09.00 pm (Server Time GMT +7)
  • THURSDAY     - GOCEK LEAGUE @ 09.00 pm (Server Time GMT +7)
  • FRIDAY          - Free EVENT (As long GM online) / weekly Maintenance @ 02.00 pm (Server Time GMT +7)
  • SATURDAY    - WOE SE @ 09.00 pm (Server Time GMT +7)
  • SUNDAY       - K.O.E EVENT @ 09.00 pm (Server Time GMT +7)


Update 5 juni 2020

by Mr. President on 2020-06-05

Update 5 juni 2020


  1. enriched prices go down

  2. the price of chemical scroll goes up

  3. new cash shop item updates

  4. max guild member back to official



Update 29 Mei 2020

by Mr. President on 2020-05-29

Update and Changelogs 29 Mei 2020

  1. for a while the description is still using a renewal description even though we both know that our server is a pre-renewal server and therefore I will periodically always update the item description please pray and support so that it can be completed soon.
    the reason why using the renewal description is because if I use the pre-renewal description from the start, all the costume items will not appear and will turn into apples. so I really beg for your understanding, for now if there are items that do not match the description immediately open the website. thanks.

  2. FIX REWARD WOE SEND AUTOMATIC ON MAIL RODEX (Members in a guild with the same IP address are not rewarded.)

  3. Disable Anklet item because that item at descriptions is renewal but when i check about one week observations this item not good in PRE - RENEWAL Because when i read on database script its explained with pre renewal script that mean, not suitable to our server.

  4. Asumption scroll cant use at inside castle anymore (Back to official).

  5. Update item cash shop.

  6. Update Gatcha item :

    • fortune egg at hunting missions

    • fortune cookies at daily quest

  7. ALL I TEM DESCRIPTIONS MOST OF THEM IS RENEWAL DESCRIPTIONS so, to make sure the effect I suggest that you guys take a look at Here... and i will always update the descriptions in accordance with the applicable system.

  8. all update can u check at npc update at Tangerang City (Maintown)





//===============Update 28 Mei 2020========================//
1. Update quest Ninja shop.
2. auto refiner one click @maintown.
3. Update new NPC ~ HD REFINER.
4. Update new NPC Stalk Master.
5. Update new item at cash shop.