Update 16 Oktober 2020

by RudiTabuti on 2020-10-16

✅ Kiel Exclusive sets [All Classes] - Obtainable from Dungeon Hunter NPC:
✅ Hyre Academy Coat [1]
✅ Hyre Scientist Coat [1]


Update server informations

by RudiTabuti on 2020-09-22

Please read the server informations sections.


Update 12 September 2020

by RudiTabuti on 2020-09-12

12 September 2020
//--- Ep 6.5 - Castle of Dragon (LouYang) ---
✅ Update Open Louyang Town -Field - Dungeon.
✅ Update Yuno fields 1 - 12.
✅ Bring Back Old Prontera
✅ Exchange your mvp invations point as fast as possible (bcause the npc will exchange with new systems)
✅ update limited editions item at Quest Shop (Respect Point).
✅ Update Costumes at cash shop.
✅ Update Vip Warper (Complete warper).
✅ Update Warper (No More guild Castle & dungeon at normal warper).
✅ Update Vending area sell all ur stuff at payon market.
✅ Update auto Join system of Channel #Global #trade #support.
✅ Update New Features :
-Weapon Awakening Project: [Soon]
- Implementing new skill/buffs. (ex: Draco Turbulence, Skadi's Affection, Last Bastion, etc.)
- Challenge dungeon.
Skill effect mentioned in the video [sample]:
-Draco Turbulence: [trigger: attacking]
Increase damage on Dragon, Shadow, and Holy monster by 50% for 10 sec.

- Skadi's Affection: [trigger: attacking]
Increase Long Range damage 30% and gain 800 HP every sec for 10-sec duration.

- Last Bastion: [trigger: when taking damage]
DEF+50 but drains 250 HP and 30 sp per sec for 10 sec.
Reduces attack dealt by the player on all monsters by -75% [cons]


Server Under Maintenance

by RudiTabuti on 2020-09-12

Server Under Maintenance..

Be Patient ...

Thanks ^_^

Update 4 September 2020

by RudiTabuti on 2020-09-04

Today at 5:18 PM

Update 4 September 2020
✅ Special WOE EVENT register now at our discord channel.
✅ change time for event Fishing, and MvP Invations
✅ Update Monster MVP Invations.
✅ Update Costumes at cash shop
✅ Update Normal vending now can get Hourly rewards.
✅ Update PVP no more PET in PVP Maps.
✅ Update Rough ORI/ELU to Pure ORI/ELU With simple click NPC.
✅ Update Battle manual at hourlyreward shop.