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Terry's Family

He is Tery, he is the second child of 3 siblings, he is only 18 years old while his first brother is 23 years old and his brother is irresponsible and left leaving them both to live alone, and his youngest brother named Miftah, 4 years old, his parents died 2 years ago when Tery was 16 years old and Miftah was 2 years old, they now live alone with a very worrying life, they eat only when given by neighbors, Tery wanted to work as a porter on the market but the younger brother cried and didn't want to be left to understand the younger brother is still very small at the age of 2 years at that time.


Mrs. Wati's Family

This is a Mrs. Wati's Family, she is mothers with 5 children 1 adult child aged 17 years 4 children still around 12 years old to the smallest age of 5 years, Mrs. Wati in living dead by her husband and forced to become the backbone of the family, working anything like being a maid, being a laundry worker and all kinds of work from which she can provide for her family's needs.