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a little introduction about Gather Ro :

originated from the long-buried desire, disappointed with the official game that uses top up if want to buy a luxurious item, finally when I play in private server, happy to play with exp very easy to get, the item is also not very difficult, can compete essentially but destroyed already when there is DONATION MODE, sadly the item we can not compete anymore, because they are RICH people dominate the whole midgard kingdom etc, so upset itself then from that, I create a private server itself assisted by my friends who donate server this may always be healthy and blessings always life aaamiiinn ...

And all Donations 100% send to Orphans or poor people, which I give every month.


- Max Level/Job : 99/70
- Max Status : 99
- Max ASPD : 190
- Rates : 7500x/7500x/Custom
- Drops Equips Normal : Custom
- Drops Equips MVP : Custom
- Drops Card Normal : Custom
- Drops Card MVP : Disabled
- Server type : Pre-Renewal

EPISĂ“DIO 13.2: Into The Unknown

The Laphine people west of the Expedition Camp live in a village known as Splendide. As they are not originally from this world, their close bond with the World Tree Yggdrasil allowed them to transform the area they occupy into lush green fields. They have dedicated their lives to protecting the World Tree Yggdrasil and are wary of strangers so it is best to watch your words while exploring their lands.

The Sapha in the snow fields east of the Expedition Camp live in a village known as Manuk. These wood-like creatures mine an ore called bradium that is found only in the Ash Vacuum. Not much else is known about the Sapha because of their reclusive nature.


- Gepard Shield 3.0 : We use the best in the market with regard to Internal and External Protections on our server, so that you can enjoy your gaming without fear or problems.
- @LGP : The Addon Lite Graphics Plugin is also active and updated within the game.


- Schedule : Coming Soon...
- Rewards : The Emperium War winning Guild will be sent 1 Woe Chest badge rewards.


- This event held once a month
- Rewards : 1 title badge champions master.

Coming Soon....

- Vote : Earn points by voting daily on our server, and exchange for visual items, vip, cash points among other awards.


Our proposal is to maintain a server without pay-to-win, we have a very noble mission,that is the donation that we received is not for the server or us as the admin, but for the orphans, the poor, widows, and many more that people who needs. With that in mind we opted for this integrated donation system within the game. Donating any amount you will receive 1:1 cash point if you using paypal that mean you use dollars that exchange to rupiah first example : $10 = 10 x 14.190 Rupiah that mean you got 141.900 cash point . this depends on the size of the exchange rate of the dollar against the rupiah. that amount of credits that can be exchanged for some visual items, vip tickets, stuffs among other cosmetic items at cash shops.


Minimum value: (For Paypal)


Donate Via Paypal

  • Kurs $ to BCA Rp. 14.286,00
  • BĂ´nus Donate is 50%
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    Which bug or problem found please report immediately to Administrator.